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December 21, 2012

Mac / Windows / Linux


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KRUNCH is a quick-reflex game about escaping, survival and the fear of being closed-in where you play as one of six Krons (mechanical orb-like entities) trapped in a seemingly abandoned fortress. Escape more than 100 claustrophobic levels spread across 4 zones, survive 3 challenging boss chases, conquer one frantic race to freedom! KRUNCH demands concentration, delivers fast gameplay and will test fans of games such as Mega Man, Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV. IN A NUTSHELL: Frantic gameplay, deviously challenging levels, spot-on difficulty curve, exhilarating boss chases, now with SELF-DESTRUCT!


KRUNCH began as a prototype for Mini Ludum Dare 21: "Greatest Fear". From the very beginning, we were after recreating the rush, the claustrophobic sense of desperation, like the walls are closing in. We worked over the weekend and completed a very basic prototype with 15 levels.


  • IN A NUTSHELL: Frantic gameplay, deviously challenging levels, spot-on difficulty curve, exhilarating boss chases, now with SELF-DESTRUCT!
  • SUPERB SOUNDTRACK – Electronic, chiptune, metal masterpiece delivered by Disasterpeace, the incomparable composer behind Fez’s critically-acclaimed soundtrack and DirkRugged, Bruce Dickinson’s biggest fan.
  • NATIVE CONTROLLER SUPPORT – Experience KRUNCH as it was always meant to be experienced: through the finely-crafted precision of your Xbox 360 Controller.
  • SELF-DESTRUCT – Couldn't pull-off that impossible maneuver on the first try? Don't have the patience to wait for the walls to pulverize you? This is for you.
  • LEADERBOARDS – Race to the top of the global leaderboards or challenge your friends for supremacy. Who will collect the most Krebs? Who will conquer KRUNCH the quickest?
  • CLOUD SAVE (Steam Only) – Romp through KRUNCH no matter where you are, synchronize your saved games on all your Steam-enabled systems.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS (Steam Only) – Conquer over 50 challenging achievements ranging from Quests of Speed to Tests of Patience to almost-impossible Feats of Skill.


KRUNCH Launch Trailer (2012) Vimeo

Sup Holmes? Episode 59 with LeGrudge & Rugged YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "KRUNCH is nominated for The 2013 Canadian Video Game Awards" Best Downloadable Game and Best Indie Game

Selected Articles

  • "Though I don't get the sense that Vieko Franetovic and Mike Lohaus are the type of guys who are particularly motivated to sending overt autobiographical messages in their games, it didn't take long to see the parallels the design of KRUNCH and the temperament of its creators. Competitive, wild, carefully organized, aggressive, and unpredictable, these dudes take intense fun very seriously."
    - Jon Holmes, Destructoid
  • "KRUNCH has an awful lot to offer gamers who really enjoy punishing themselves. ★★★★☆"
    - Editors, RGCD
  • "KRUNCH: death is but the next great adventure! (8/10)"
    - Patrick Hancock, Destructoid
  • "KRUNCH from LeGrudge & Rugged is going to make you growl in frustration. The good kind of frustration. The kind that VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy, and the Kairoshi series bestows upon you."
    - John Bartinelli, JayIsGames
  • "KRUNCH is such a polished game, it is hard to believe that it’s the first release from Canadian developers LeGrudge & Rugged (Vieko Franetovic & Michael Lohaus). Easy to learn and difficult to master, KRUNCH has the feel of a lost arcade classic. It has been compared to VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy, and it is similar to those games in its difficulty and urgency, but KRUNCH has its own distinct style and identity."
    - Paul Hack, Independent Gaming
  • "Game jam joy: Krunch's long road to release"
    - Michael Rose, Gamasutra
  • "Aimed at fans of games such as VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy, LeGrudge & Rugged's Krunch is not for the faint of heart."
    - Jordan Devore, Destructoid
  • "If you're looking for a new game to make you throw your controller to the ground in frustration, á la Super Meat Boy and classic Mega Man games, be sure to keep an eye out for KRUNCH."
    - Ryan McLaughlin, Indie Statik

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Original Soundtrack by Disasterpeace + Dirk Rugged
Rich Vreeland ( aka Disasterpeace ) is a master chooser of notes, sound designer and performer most recently known for his soundtrack work in the critically acclaimed FEZ.Michael Lohaus ( aka DirkRugged ) loves death metal and Bruce Dickinson. KRUNCH is his first soundtrack release! Matthew Powell mastered the soundtrack. .

About LeGrudge & Rugged

LeGrudge & Rugged is a Calgary-based studio working on desktop and tabletop games. Vieko Franetovic and Michael Lohaus are launching TOTEZ this week on Kickstarter.

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Krunch Credits

Vieko Franetovic (vee-echo)
Design + Programming + Levels

Michael Lohaus
Graphics + Music + Levels

Sara Gross aka Two Bit Art
Concept Art

Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace

Jordan Fehr
Sound Design

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